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“My name is Calvin Cornelius. I used to be a model and light technician for many Hollywood Studios before I gave my life to my one true passion, Photography! Titles and experiences are not important to me anymore, because we are only who we choose to be, and my photographs are who I have now become. Photography has truly been my dream comes true for as long as I can remember, and has quite possibly saved my life as I know it. What started out as a nice way for me to find happiness and peace in a cold and dreary world has become my professionally based job title. I started my own business the same day that I retired from the big media world. I like to call this type of change in a person’s life, a simple act of faith. But there’s a lot more to my photographs than just fancy words and renowned reputation. My professional portraits are dedicated to providing the best possible quality in the entire world, for a price that is unbelievable. I am dedicated to making sure that everyone can enjoy my life’s work. My Art Shop is dedicated to keeping a 100% positive customer experience and satisfaction! I admire all forms of artwork, but none have my heart as perfectly as real photographs captured in the world around me, delivered honorable to you! I’m not an award chaser or contest participant, I am your photographer. I stand firmly behind all of my work and I very much enjoy photography expeditions for requested images, taken personally for you!”
Calvin C. Cornelius
Photographer/Founder of Calvin Wild Photography



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